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The success rate of various alcohol treatments


20% success rate versus
74 % success rate

Here are the 3 most common alcohol treatment methods.
They have a proven shockingly high failure rate:

Drugs and "Talk Therapies" - 20 % success rate
Medical treatment: The use of medications such as naltrexone etc.

Psychological approaches: This form of treatment is based on the presumption that alcohol abuse is a way of dealing with painful emotions. This therapy tries to counsel people who abuse alcohol excessively to avoid facing problems in their lives, poor self esteem, marital problems & depression.

Behaviour/Cognitive therapies: Most people (even alcoholics) will have many pleasant memories associated with drinking thus reinforcing its appeal. This therapy tries to break these associations by showing the reality of alcohol abuse (negative effect on family, work etc) then a new association is formed.

These Treatments Fail 80% of the time

Despite all these developments in "talk therapy" success in curing alcoholism remains elusive. Nearly 80% of alcoholics receiving treatment relapse within 1 or 2 years.

The reason for the dismal success rate in traditional alcoholism treatment programmes is that they assume that the alcoholism is caused by psychological problems. In many cases, alcoholism is a body disorder not a mind disorder and therefore cannot be controlled by "talk therapy".

Nutrients Therapy - 74 % success rate

Total Health Restoration
Our programme uses specific bio-chemical repair and more than abstinence is achieved. A wide rage of symptoms (cravings, depression anxiety, mental confusion, fatigue, and more) are eliminated. Other health changes also occur (i.e., blood pressure normalizes, allergies clear, medications may become unnecessary, stamina and energy improve).

Success of our alcohol rehab treatment programme

How do you know if this programme is right for you?
Your first step is to admit you are an alcoholic (we fully agree with AA on Step 1) take our alcohol quiz to determine how alcohol affects your body and which kind of alcoholic you are. Once you know, you have an opportunity to break the addiction and rewrite your future.

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